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We all know the amazing benefits of yoga for our mind, our body and our general well-being. But how does yoga affect relationships in our lives? The word yoga can be translated to mean “union,” and we find that aspect of mindful awakening through every aspect of our lives that yoga touches. We asked Einat Bardea, an international yoga and AcroYoga teacher, how partner yoga can influence relationships. Einat shares the ways doing yoga with a loved one can deepen the experience.

  1. A shared goal: In this day and age where the speed of life is increasing, and we appear to have less and less time to connect with the those special people in our lives, it is important to make time for the one you love. Partner yoga is a great way to bridge the gap between our separate lives, dreams, passions and stresses, and deepen our relationship through mutual support, surrender, and connection.
  2.  Strengthen connection: Part of the connection is to one another; we take time to breathe in unison, to hold one another’s gaze, and to unite in a single moment. We challenge our boundaries together to find a little more stretch and strength, and nurture a sense of deeper relaxation and calm through massage and musculofascial release. Another part of the connection is to bear witness to one another’s deeper connections; we need to share time and space with our lover while we focus inward and find the quiet sacred space within.
  3. Bend to Bond: Partner yoga is about sharing time, breath, and body. It is about pleasurable moments and sensations, and encouraging one another at the limits of comfort. We develop our communication skills through observation and verbal cues and support each other during poses. Through Partner Yoga couples bond through mutual experiences involving touch and sensuality, laughter and fun.  Isn’t this is ultimately the essence of a healthy relationship? Sometimes the greatest gift one can give our loved one is the gift of our time and our undivided attention.

If you’d like to explore this concept of “yoga as union,” join us a Kula for a Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga Workshop on Saturday, Feb 14 2-4 p.m. $75 per couple. During the 2-hour workshop, connect/ condition/ laugh/ play and relax with someone special in your life. Book your spot before we’re booked out!
About the author: Einat Bardea is a Yoga teacher, AcroYoga teacher, physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, Acupuncturist & Reiki healer. She has taught Yoga and AcroYoga workshops around the world, throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Einat has performed nationally and internationally in circus arts! She brings creative energy into her Yoga teaching and lives by the motto: “Life is a game… wanna play?