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Kula Yoga instructor Amelia is a total rockstar. In addition to teaching here at Kula, she is a certified Naturopath, actively sharing her talents around Melbourne. In her downtime, Amelia likes to practice AcroYoga. In honour of our upcoming AcroYoga workshop this weekend, we asked Amelia to share 4 traits necessary for anyone who practices or is looking to start practising AcroYoga.

Trust: Trust is a huge element of AcroYoga…. You may think you trust someone until you are balancing on their hands and feet in the air. For me, AcroYoga is about building the trust between the base and the flyer and once the trust is built you work better as an AcroYoga partnership.

Communication: This is key! Communication between the flyer and the base is really important as both parties need to feel safe and comfortable. Keeping the communication clear and concise makes it easier for your partner to understand especially when you are upside down balancing on the base.  

Play: AcroYoga is a very playful practice and reminds me of child like play. During AcroYoga sessions I find that I spend a lot of time laughing, which maybe partly a nervous laughter as I’m doing things I’ve never done before but also laughter from pure fun!

Exploration: Once trust and communication have been established, doors open to new and often previously out of reach postures. This in turn allows for further exploration of acro yoga postures and lots more play. 

Want to learn more about AcroYoga? Join guest teachers Einat and Sally at Kula Yoga this Sunday Nov 9, 1-3:30 p.m. for an AcroYoga workshop, all levels welcome! For more information and online bookings, visit our website here: https://kulayoga.com.au/workshops.