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There are many different ways to describe and define balance. I chose this definition as it translates directly into what we are trying to achieve with arm balances.


  1. A state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight.

Take crow for example. When you set you hands on your mat, spread you fingers wide with your middle fingers pointing forward, set you knees high on the tops of your arms (close-to or in arm-pits) all you do then is lean forward and lift off right? Wrong!
You also need to engage your core muscle so that you body becomes tight and enables you to create a lever, then when you do lean forward you also have to look forward and press down into your finger tips to create an equal distribution of weight between back and front.
When you first try to take you feet off the ground, the tendency is too look at the feet to make sure they are leaving the earth. What this does is take your head (the heaviest part of you body) and drops it’s weight too far forward, which may have you topple over. Keep your eyes forward and trust the sensation of your feet leaving the floor without having to see it.
The forward and back plain are not the only two to consider when taking flight. You also need to think of working the left and right side as well as up and down. When you are working in all directions it is much easier to obtain equal distribution of weight – Balance.
Crow Pose
Join Haydn Saturday 21st November 2pm-4pm for an arm Balance 101 workshop.
About the author: Haydn has always had an extremely active lifestyle. He comes from a background in gymnastics and spent 10 years as a professional dancer and acrobat, touring all over the world. Haydn has always practiced yoga as a way to keep his body in tip top shape and injury free. Haydn completed his 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher training and is extremely honoured to be part of the team at Kula. He is looking forward to guiding you all towards arm balances.