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One of my least favourite phrases in the entire English language is “New Years Resolution”.
A few of my other least favourites are “I quit sugar so I’m avoiding fruit” and “I can’t practice yoga because I’m not flexible” however I digress… if I was given a dollar coin every time a client passionately proclaimed their new years resolution I’d be writing this from my very own Caribbean Island.
You see the trouble with new years resolutions is firstly that they rely upon motivation. Motivation is awesome when it’s there but just like the Melbourne rain or sunshine, it doesn’t last forever. So whilst the intent may be high, the end result seldom arrives. In yoga there is a beautiful sanskrit term, ‘sankalpa’, which is often translated as meaning intention. However the deeper meaning is to connect with our highest truth or authenticity and vow to move in the direction of this truth. So you see, intention alone is not meaningful if there is no guiding path.
The second reason I detest new years resolutions is they are usually based on a feeling of lack such that we are inadequate as we are in our current state.
Please do not misinterperate my feelings. I am an advocate for self development, hard work, determination and an unwavering commitment to following one’s dreams. It’s merely the approach. Each and everyone of us are perfect as we are AND we are all where we need to be for the evolution of our consciousness and the unfolding of our life’s journey.
What do I know?
This is for those of you interested in life experience and/or qualifications… I have 6
years university training and have been a Registered Nutritionist for over 10 years. After working in the food IMG_0781and health industries in various roles, 5 years ago I followed by dream and started my own wellness consultancy that has provided health and wellbeing solutions to accounting firms, food companies and schools, to list a few, in order to boost productivity, instil a positive workplace culture, boost wellness and improve overall health markers. I have researched and written over 100 articles that have appeared in the Herald Sun, Body and Soul and The Age Magazine, appeared on channel 9 news, been interviewed by Gold 104.3 as the wellness expert and facilitated a number of workshops, seminars, market nutrition tours and individual consultations. All this before deciding to undertake yoga teacher training in 2014 and incorporate yoga teaching into my business portfolio.
So you see, you can rely on me if for no other reason that I have your best interests at heart and I live and breathe what I preach.
Let’s break it down a little further…
Have you ever considered if you are living your true purpose, what the yogi’s call ‘dharma’.
Does the thought of your job, relationships, hobbies and habits genuinely excite you?
If you respond yes, that’s incredible! Well done on living your most authentic life. If your mind is in overdrive dissecting your day job, family responsibilities, certain friendships and what gets you out of bed in the morning, it’s possible there is an imbalance somewhere in your reality.
It may be a product of time wasters and unimportant tasks that do not uplift your soul. Perhaps your passion and greatest talent(s) are not being met. In yoga we believe in non-harming (sanskrit- ahimsa), however, we are often own own worst enemy.
Yogi’s and friends it is time to sit in the drivers seat of your life.
Just like in a yoga class when practicing asana (postures), we need to move through life with intention, purpose AND direction. Living with purpose and direction gives meaning to everything. (Please take a glorious moment to take a deep cleansing breath). The practice of yoga may begin on the mat but the crucial lessons we can cultivate are immense learnings for our overall life.
It is for this reason that I am so excited to be offering the workshop “Create Your Best 2017” at Kula on Saturday 21st January. It is an opportunity to dive deep into the physical practice and then apply all this stunning goodness to manifesting the life we dream of.
Join me in making a commitment to uplift your entire self and harness the immense power within to create a memorable year.
You will leave the workshop feeling more vital and rejuvenated. I look forward to sharing my passions, my truth and my authentic life with you all.
With love and kindness always, Sharon
About the Author: Sharon has been a registered nutritionist for 10 years and founded her wellness business 5 years ago. In 2014 Sharon’s love of yoga led her to completing 200hr yoga teacher training with Power Living. She has since gone on to complete advanced assisting, Level 2 and Level 3 Vinyasa Teaching with Duncan Peak, a Mastery of Yoga Teaching with Troy Abraham and Yin Yoga teaching with Hugh Lee. Sharon believes that yoga is always the answer. Through regular practice, we become better acquainted with ourselves, cultivating strength, compassion, love and flexibility in mind, body and soul. Sharon seeks to encourage this in classes through breath awareness, physical challenges, yoga philosophy and modern day tales. Sharon is so excited to be part of the Kula Team!
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