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Whether you’re feeling pretty good about your active lifestyle or pulling up a little stiff and sore, research highlights the importance of setting aside time for actively restorative classes like myofascial release, vinyasa flow and static stretching(yin). Even those who are on the not so active side of life and find themselves sitting at a desk all day will experience huge benefits.

 Myofascial Release

Fascia refers to the connective tissues of the body, while myo means muscle. Hence when we say Myofascial we are talking about the connective tissue surrounding muscle. Research has indicated that fascia, like muscle, contracts and relaxes and is a key player in joint mobility and stability. As we exercise and go through the course of daily life, injuries, stresses and strains can emerge, causing a tightening of the fascia. Myofascial release can lengthen the connective tissues surrounding the muscles, allowing our bodies to maintain or even regain flexibility, power and strength, while preventing future injuries.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa refers to the linking of breath with movement. This linking of breath with movement not only provides great physical benefits but is a fantastic practice for building mindfulness in everyday activities and other workouts off the mat. The physical benefits of vinyasa include improved strength and flexibility, enhanced breathing, increased energy and injury prevention.

Static Stretching – Yin Yoga

Yin is a style of yoga where static stretches (sometimes supported) are held for longer periods of time (often 2-5minutes) in a relaxed manner to stress the deeper connective tissues which include ligaments, joints and fascia. This working to place stress on connective tissues has been found to increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips. Along with the physical benefits Yin also an immense calming and balancing influence for the mind.

Giving equal attention to recovery is an investment you won’t regret.

Join Clare for her Deep Release and Recovery Workshop for Active Bodies – July 22nd 2pm-4pm. Booking Via our online store.

About the instructor: Clare loves to stay active and is always encouraging people to give things a go. She is a passionate yoga teacher and runner. Having practiced yoga for over a decade and completed 5 half marathons and 1 full marathon, Clare knows first hand how important movement, stretching and rolling is for recovery and general well being. Clare is extremely excited and grateful to be sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm.

Kula Yoga has a beautiful hot yoga studio on Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn, Melbourne. Kula offers ‘Hot Yoga’ classes for detoxification, dynamic power yoga ‘Flow Yoga’ as well as a gentle ‘Light Yin Yoga’ option. Beginners through to advanced students are welcome to all classes. Kula also provides prenatal & postnatal yoga classes, and provides Melbourne workplaces with group corporate yoga programs to build employee health, fitness and wellbeing, and school yoga programs. Kula also runs an annual ‘Kula Cruise’ yoga retreat sailing from Bali to Lombok & the Gili Islands. Find out more on our website www.kulayoga.com.au.  Or follow us:
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