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Building a connection between like-minded individuals is something we’re passionate about at our yoga studio. “Kula” means community in the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit. Not only do we provide locals from Hawthorn and Camberwell yoga classes, but we also provide them with a yoga studio where people can connect, share and grow. Our students come from all around the Boroondara area to sweat, play, learn and reach their health and fitness goals. Every day at Kula we come across individuals who have inspired us and continue to help shape our community; we wanted to share their stories with you. This week  is a special edition as we spotlight a husband & wife team taking on the 30 Day Challenge – read below to learn more.

Names: Shelly & Pete (Shelly is a long time Kula member and together with her husband Pete, they are tackling our 30 Day Yoga & Goal Setting Challenge)

Kula: Favourite style of yoga at Kula?

Shelly: I practise to find a little peace and calm in my day, hoping to increase strength and flexibility as I grow older. Pete has taken this on as a new challenge, that looks after his physical and emotional wellbeing.

K: What made you decide to practice yoga together?

S: We enjoy exercising together as we motivate each other. Pete saw the yogi benefits that Annabelle (our daughter) and I were experiencing and had a FOMO, ‘Fear of missing out’, so we decided to do the challenge together. We find yoga an enjoyable activity we can do together in our very busy working lives.

K: What do you love about Kula Yoga?

S: Kula is a supportive, friendly and encouraging environment. I love the spiritual element and personal connection the instructors provide to all standards of yogi, including us.

K: Is yoga your main form of exercise, or do you go to the gym, participate in other sports, fitness or activities?

S: We do a variety of other activities. We do spin classes/grit classes/walk. Last year Pete did an Ironman and I walked the Sydney coast trek, 55km. We like a challenge and the 30 day challenge is our ‘FUN’ at the moment.

K: What is the main health goal you are focusing on at the moment?

S: To become more flexible and be injury free. For Pete, to regain regular training and healthy eating.

K: Apart from Kula, where are your favourite hangouts in the Hawthorn, Camberwell or Boroondara area?

S: We like Sardi CafeProhibition Bar and The Lido for a movie and a glass of wine.

K: Why did you choose to take part in the 30 Day Challenge this month?

S: This is the first yoga experience for Pete and he wanted to learn as much as he could. It also sets good yogi habits for the year to come.

K: Tell us about your experience so far.

S: We are smashing it and feeling good. Ha! And I really like seeing the other challengers have a go and watching their progress too (not competitive, I promise. That’s the best thing I have learnt from yoga) Ps, Pete hates me being one session in front of him…he has much to learn! 🙂

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