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Headed to a holiday party and asked to bring something sweet? You can whip something up that’s easy and nourishing. Kula Yoga instructor and certified Naturopath Amelia has complied some festive food inspiration that will satisfy the need for sweet festive food without the sugar hangover that usually follows the Silly Season. These recipes contain all natural ingredients and are dairy free, grain free and free from refined sugars. 

Paleo Fig & Goji Panaforte

– 2 cups alfigmond meal
– 1/2 cup of melted coconut oil
– 1/2cup raw cacao powder
– 3 tbs of coconut syrup (or maple syrup, honey, rice malt syrup
– 6 dried figs sliced up
– 1/3 cup goji berries
– 1/3 cup roughly chopped walnuts
– 1/3 cup of cacao nibs
– pinch of sea salt
Method: Mix ingredients together until combines and mixture holding together. Press into a silicon loaf tin or regular loaf tin lined with baking paper. Place in freezer to set for 1 hour. To serve remove from the mold, let it slightly defrost and slice up.
Raspberry Coconut Ice
pink– 3 cups desiccated coconut (unsweetened)
– 1 cup fresh raspberries or thawed frozen raspberries
– 3/4 cup coconut milk
– 1/2 cup coconut oil
– 1 cup fresh raspberries or thawed frozen raspberries
– 2 tbs coconut nectar (or maple syrup, honey, rice malt syrup)
– 1/4 tsp ground vanilla bean pods
– cacao nibs to garnish
Method: Heat on low temperature coconut milk, coconut oil, vanilla, and coconut nectar or sweetener. Once combined turn off heat, add desiccated coconut, mix until all the liquid has been absorbed by the coconut and it starts to thicken up. Press half of the mixture into a silicon loaf mold or lined regular tin and set the other half aside. Put loaf tin in freezer just to start the setting process. Blend raspberries in food processor until they resemble a raspberry liquid, combine raspberries with the remaining coconut mixture and then press onto the top of the white coconut mixture and put back into the freezer to set for 1 hour. To serve, remove from silicon mold or tin, let it slightly defrost and slice into squares.
Chocolate Mousse & Cherries
cherries– 1 x can coconut cream 400ml
– 3 heaped tbsp of cacao powder
– 4 egg yolks
– 3 scoops of sevia powder (or sweetener of
choice, maple syrup, coconut nectar, rice bran syrup until desired sweetness)
– pinch of sea salt
– cherries to garnish (whole or sliced up)
Method: Heat coconut cream, cacao powder, sweetener, sea salt on low heat on a double boiler. Heat until all ingredients have mixed in and until smooth. Slowly add in egg yolks and keep mixing until the mixture thickens. Don’t let it boil. Once it has thickened to a custard consistency. Take off double boiler, pour into ramekins, glasses or bowls to set for 2 hours. Serve with fresh cherries or raspberries.