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You’ve heard us talk about energy channels, or meridians, as well as Qi in our Yin Yoga classes.  But what are they? We asked our friend and Chinese Medicine Doctor, Ash Gordon from Liforce Acupuncture, to explain to us how Chinese Medicine can help you get the best out of your health and wellbeing and how closely it works in with the benefits of yoga…
The main benefit of Chinese Medicine is to attain a consistent and clear flow of energy, we call Qi (pronounced Ch’i) circulating through the body via the meridian network. All meridians are linked to the energy of specific organs in the body, meaning that when the Qi of the meridians are flowing freely, then all the organs of the body are in balance.
The gentle movements that Yoga incorporates, activates the circulation of Qi/prana through the meridians/nadis and allows for not only the external/superficial moving Qi but also the internal/deep flow of Qi through the myriad of channels and collaterals throughout the body.
The internal and external Qi flow are not separate in nature, they are both connected and unified. This is why an external manifestation, such as a sore shoulder, can often stem from an internal deficiency, say a Large Intestine deficiency; or vice versa, a should injury/surgery/scar can manifest as an internal symptom, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Daily life causes strain and puts the body under pressure and stress. This ultimately leads to imbalances in the body; Excessive Liver causing stress and anger, deficient Spleen causing bloating, or deficient Kidneys causing lower back pain. All these are signs that the energy of the body is imbalanced and requires some care and attention to bring itself back to centre and balance.
Imbalances can produce effects physically, mentally and emotionally; all three are as equally exposed are each other when it comes to sickness, pain and blocked Qi flow.
Whilst the movements and poses in Yoga are extremely beneficial in allowing the Qi to move freely through the body, this is a broader more general enabling of circulation, whereas Acupuncture goes deeper, working with specific points that have functions or jobs, either dispersing Qi blockages on the surface of the body or strengthening a specific function of one of the vital organs. So in a way, Acupuncture is a perfect sequel to Yoga with respect to reinforcing the bodies’ energy to move freely and attain ultimate health physically, mentally and emotionally.
Interested to learn more about Chinese Medicine and your body?
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