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So you got caught up in the excitement of new years goals and this being THE YEAR for change. Now it’s almost 6 months down the track and you’re feeling a little less than committed to the whole idea. Or disappointed that you’re not still feeling that buzz months later or seeing more progression towards your goals.
Unfortunately setting the goal is the easy part, seeing it through into action and then reality is a little more challenging.
The idea of setting a goal is a glamorous notion, we delve into our deepest desires and aim for the sky. However, when it actually comes to progressing towards the goal we realise there’s a lot more action, effort and COMMITMENT required. It’s human nature to have doubts along the way, to question whether the end goal is achievable or to let ‘life’ simply get in the way.
When it comes to our health and wellbeing, the sad truth is that if we don’t make the time and commitment to move towards our goals, the opposite of good health & wellness will eventually be our reality. That’s not to sound over dramatic, it’s just a simple fact – self care needs to be an important part of your life.

Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going.

If you’re reading this then it’s safe to assume health was a high priority for 2018 and that yoga was part of your plan. So, what was your motivation? Was it that you heard yoga was good for your health from a friend or professional? Did you read somewhere about the long term holistic benefits? Or was it that you had actually experienced how great you feel after a yoga class?
Here’s a little tip – the first step towards actually being able to commit to a goal is to ensure the motivation is authentic to you. You have to be motivated to hit the mat.
Secondly, and this is really important, the ability to commit and therefore see progress towards your goals has everything to do with your mindset. Basically, if it seems like a chore then chances are the action won’t last.

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

It’s one thing to set a goal, it’s another thing entirely to see the goal through. It requires action and commitment to stick to the path, even when it gets tough. If 2018 was the time to get serious about setting your health goals, then make NOW the time to get serious about putting them into action.
INTENT reveals desire; ACTION reveals commitment.
We may be a little biased but we are truly walking the path with you and believe in what we preach. Yoga is a phenomenal way to work towards improved health & wellbeing and is possible for everyone. Aside from the obvious physical benefits of the practice, there are the profound mental and emotional effects that don’t even have to be realised to occur. You just feel better inside and out when you walk out of the yoga studio. This is all wrapped up in an improved connection to self.
If nothing else, a commitment to your practice is a commitment to honouring yourself. 
So, here are our top 5 tips to committing to the journey:

  1. Choose an achievable goal that is authentic to YOU (but don’t be afraid to aim high) If you’re travelling someone else’s path then you have to question why. It’s also ok to change up your goals if they no longer align, this doesn’t mean that you’re giving up, it just means you’re evolving along the journey. The great thing about yoga is that there are no set rules, you create your own practice.
  2. Be accountable by finding a commitment buddy. This is someone (friend, family member or professional) who can keep you accountable, either by walking the path alongside you or checking in on your progress regularly.
  3. Make the progress towards your goal non-negotiable. Don’t put it at the end of your to-do list, put it at the start or better still schedule it in as part of your regular routine. You wouldn’t skip a dentist appointment, so you shouldn’t skip your yoga class either.
  4. Less thought, more action. Don’t give yourself the opportunity to find an excuse not to take action, either through making your health goal a lesser priority than other things in your life or simply “hitting the snooze” button on it regularly. The more you “just do it”, the easier it will get. It takes at least 2 weeks of repeated activity before neural pathways form and the activity becomes a habit. This is why a yoga challenge is so valuable, it creates a healthy habit out of your practice.
  5. Find the enjoyment and focus on your journey. If it feels like a chore then it’s likely not to last. Find an action towards your goal that you enjoy and the journey will be a pleasure, and much easier to commit to. Explore what it is you love about yoga and listen to your body ~ maybe it’s time to try a new style or find a new balance, perhaps even explore a workshop or retreat. Have a chat to your teacher about how you can make your practice more authentic to you.

Try this simple task ~ take a moment to pause and close your eyes. Think back to the moment you initially set your intentions or goals for the year. What were the feelings or desires that motivated you. Write them down. Now find a prominent place to put your feelings so you’ll see them daily (the bathroom mirror is a good one!) Every time you start to feel doubt about your intention or goal, or your journey, think back to these feelings & desires. Get back on the path that makes you feel good about yourself.
We’ll see you on the mat Kula crew!
About the author: Andy Broadbear is a qualified Yoga Therapist & teacher, who specialises in pre/postnatal + women’s health. She is also co-founder of YogaMamas,  a health & wellness blogger, photographer and busy mama of 3!
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