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Yoga is unquestionably one of the best activities for the body and mind. Adding heat to a yoga practice loosens the muscles for increased flexibility, is a great way to detoxify the body, and increases circulation. For yoga newbies, however, stepping into a heated classroom can be intimidating. Here’s what to expect during a heated yoga class at Kula.
How hot? At Kula we offer two types of heated yoga classes accessible to any level practitioner; Flow classes are set to 28 degrees, and students move through dynamic sequencing, arm balances and inversions. Hot classes max out at 38 degrees, and include a slow flow with standing poses, balancing and backbends. We’ve installed special heaters that use Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology, meaning healthy heat. Warming up the body and sweating out toxins are all part of the experience, so expect body temperature to rise.
How to hydrate? Drink enough fluids before coming to class, when needed during the practice, and especially after. Coconut water is like nature’s sport drink, replacing lost electrolytes and nutrients without artificial additives.
How much should I eat before? We recommend eating a light meal about two hours before class, allowing ample time for digestion. A hot yoga class can really work up an appetite, so eat something tasty afterwards.
How to dress? Wear something comfortable that you can move and sweat in. Normal fitness leggings, crops or shorts will do the trick as well as t-shirts, tanks or crop tops. You may like to wear layers and peel them off as the heat intensifies.
How to handle the heat? If you’ve never tried a hot yoga class, your body may be sensitive to the warm environment. We always invite students to rest if feeling fatigued or out of breath. Take Child’s Pose or find a comfortable Savasana for a few rounds of breath before jumping back in the practice.
How to start? Check out our Kula timetable at https://kulayoga.com.au/classes/timetable for the next Flow or Hot class. Feel free to arrive 15 minutes early to class if you have any further questions for our friendly, certified yoga instructors.

About the author: Miranda Raimon is a yoga instructor, Kula studio manager and freelance health & wellness writer from the San Francisco Bay Area.