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Building a connection between like-minded individuals is something we’re passionate about at our yoga studio.“Kula” means community in the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit. Not only do we provide locals from Hawthorn and Camberwell yoga classes, but we also provide them with a yoga studio where people can connect, share and grow. Our students come from all around the Boroondara area to sweat, play, learn and reach their health and fitness goals. Every day at Kula we come across individuals who have inspired us and continue to help shape our community; we wanted to share their stories with you.

Name: Stephanie (One of our special “preggie to baby” yogi’s)

Kula: Favourite style of yoga at Kula?

Steph: Yoga With Baby!

K: Why do you practice yoga?

S: Before falling pregnant and moving to Hawthorn, I practiced Hot Yoga for six years. I love the meditative aspect of yoga as well as the physical challenge. For me it is the ultimate stress reliever! I practice Yoga With Baby now because it is a beautiful bonding experience with my son [Lincoln] and it helps me relax.

K: What do you love about Kula Yoga?

S: I love the people at Kula. Kula has become a sanctuary for me and was particularly so during my pregnancy. Pregnancy and now being a new mum (to a very large baby, I might add) have left my body feeling tired and sore. My practice definitely changed but I appreciate the ways the lovely instructors at Kula have taught me to adapt and find release.

K: Is yoga your main form of exercise, or do you go to the gym, participate in other sports, fitness or activities?

S: I do many different physical activities: Crossfit, running, barre and yoga. I toned down to just barre and yoga during my last trimester and have now just started running again. I hope to get back to Crossfit soon!

K: What is the main health goal you are focusing on at the moment?

S: Immediately before my pregnancy, I felt the most fit I have felt in my entire life. My goal now is to return to that fantastic healthy feeling! Losing the last few kgs of my baby weight will be an added bonus…

K: What has changed in your practice since having a baby?

S: My practice has definitely slowed down, but I have learned that I don’t have to give it up! Having a baby is very demanding on your time. I find it very hard to fit in any sort of exercise that I have to do without my son. Being able to bring Lincoln with me to class is invaluable and has kept me going. We now share our practice.

K: Apart from Kula, where are your favourite hangouts in the Hawthorn, Camberwell or Boroondara area?

S: You’ll find me in various pram friendly cafes (Hawthorn Common and BAWA are great) or wandering our many fantastic green spaces. Lido Cinema now offers a Bring Your Own Bub session which is a great place to go and tune out. I love living in this area. It’s beautiful, the people are nice and I can walk almost anywhere I want to go.