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If you’re reaching retirement and feeling a little stiff and sore, this one is for you. Stretching is a great way for seniors over the age of 60 to stay active and maintain their flexibility and mobility.

Not only does stretching help to reduce the risk of injury, but it can also improve balance and stability, reduce muscle tension, and help to reduce pain associated with age-related conditions.

In addition to stretching you can also explore Somatic Movement and Self-Massage to improve range of motion.


Yin Yoga is an excellent stretching option for seniors as it incorporates gentle, slow-moving poses that focus on flexibility and ease.

Yin Yoga also focuses on the body’s connective tissues, which can help to improve joint mobility and reduce stiffness.


Somatic movement is another beneficial option for seniors that helps to create ease of movement in the body by focusing on the mind-body connection.

By bringing awareness to how the body moves and feels, seniors can increase their range of motion, improve their balance and posture, and reduce pain and tension.


Self-massage is another excellent option for seniors as it helps to improve flexibility, reduce pain, and increase range of motion.

Self-massage techniques, such as foam rolling, can be used to target specific areas of tightness and tension in the body.

Ultimately, by incorporating these stretching techniques into their daily routine, seniors can maintain their flexibility and mobility, reducing the risk of injury and improving their overall wellbeing.

Our favourite resource for our senior clients is this wonderful book written by our Studio Director Kacey Smith:

The Supple Senior

The book also has a complementary website with instructional videos for you to follow if you need more support.

We hope it helps to reduce your pain and increase your mobility.

Team Kula