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Finding a yoga studio (or a gym that offers yoga classes) in the Camberwell or Hawthorn area isn’t hard. But choosing the right style of yoga to fit your health and fitness goals means sorting through all the options. We’re the largest studio in the area, offering seven different types of yoga classes! We’ve created a guide to outline the different yoga classes we offer to help you understand what each class entails.

Who is it for?

Power yoga connects breath with movement for a fast-paced, challenging and strengthening session. While it’s a strong physical practice, Power classes also offer the chance to learn meditation and calming techniques, which you can take off the mat into hectic and busy days. We cater to beginners through to advanced practitioners. New to yoga? Start here. The room is heated to 28 degrees with top-of-the-line Far Infrared Ray (FIR) panels.

What should I bring?

For your Power yoga class you’ll need a mat and maybe a towel (things will get sweaty!). Wear breathable clothing that you don’t mind working out (or going upside down) in. Don’t forget a drink bottle, and be open to trying new things.

What to expect?

You’ll have the ability to tone and strengthen the body with core exercises (think long, lean Pilates muscles), Sun Salutations, and opportunities to build on arm balances and inversions. Power classes are meant to boost your fitness and get your heart pumping while also establishing a deeper connection to yogic philosophy.

What are the benefits of the style?

Through a Power class you’ll work through many Vinyasa Flows to build muscle and bring up your heart rate. Overall fitness levels will rise, leading to weight loss, improved strength and coordination. Because yoga is a full body workout, you’ll get the toning benefits of the gym while learning body awareness and intention setting.