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Have you started the new year off with purpose? We checked in with Haydn, goal-setting super star, to learn about goal setting and how it can help us move forward.
Like yoga, setting goals is a practice.  Sometimes setting goals can seem scary or overwhelming. There may be a fear of failure or even a fear of success. You might think that others may judge you for being so bold as to ask for what you want. Maybe you are even scared that if you set a goal and then discover that you =no longer want to achieve it, you may feel like you have failed. Setting goals puts you in the driver’s seat; now where are you headed?
 What qualifies a “goal?”
Goal setting doesn’t need to be scary. All you are doing is realising dreams and wishes, which has been done since childhood. The only difference is you are stating them, giving them a deadline and setting the scene for achieving them.
 Why should we care?
When you set goals you are also given the chance to identify the things in life that are most important to you. By the same token you may identify things in life that are no longer serving you and therefore no longer require your attention.  Does this sound familiar? Often in a Yoga class your teacher will ask you to identify something that may no longer be serving you, something to “let go of.” By letting go of something, you have created a space for something new and manifestation can begin.
Reaping the benefits
Setting goals is a great way to manifest what you want. Writing them down makes them all the more powerful. It allows you to revisit them as often as you like, the more often the better, as you will stay connected. It also allows you to stay focused and keep yourself accountable to achieving them.
Set your direction
Goal setting is like planning a trip to what you want. While it is important to live your life and enjoy the journey, it is great to know where you are headed and be able to live a life that you have designed yourself.
Want to  learn more about how to design and live a life that you love? Join Sharon for an energising flow and inspiring goal setting session at Kula:
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