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If you have a regular practice and love your classes, you may be wondering what’s the point in attending a workshop. Isn’t it just an extended class? Who has time for that.
As it turns out workshops are quite a bit more than that and could make the difference in either progressing your practice or exploring a new concept. Common reasons why students don’t attend workshops is fear of the unknown or feeling as though there would be no benefit.
Face your fear. The fear of a practice being out of your reach is exactly the reason you should attend a workshop. These “extended classes” give the teacher the opportunity to spend more one-on-one time with students and allow students the opportunity to be inquisitive within their practice. Every body is different and therefore every practice is different. Imagine having the opportunity to ask questions without breaking the “zen”. This is your chance to be curious, and you should be, after all it’s your body, health and wellbeing.
Explore the unknown. Workshops give students the opportunity to explore poses and variations that a regular class just doesn’t allow. Don’t feel confident to explore a new posture, transition or simply have the space to absorb because the class moves on before you’re ready? Well here’s your chance. Workshops are designed to allow more time to “workshop” and explore certain elements of your practice, empowering you to move forward and allowing you to then weave new concepts into your regular practice.
Build a community. Yoga was never meant to be a solo practice. Yes it’s a personal journey, but there’s a reason why we rock up to a face-to-face class over following someone onscreen. It’s the community. When you’re moving, breathing, transforming and growing together there’s a beautiful sense of union with others that forms. The space we actually practice in can affect the quality of our experience too, and therefore all the elements of a studio are created with specific intention, creating an atmosphere that the senses respond to. Workshops go beyond the “regular” timetabled class because they allow space for interaction, for play and for connection.
It’s a commitment to you. We are often so driven by schedules and responsibilities that even the simple act of attending a 60 minute class for the good of our health and wellbeing is a stretch. How many times have you not attended class because other commitments got in the way? It’s ludicrous that so often our health falls way down on life’s “list of things to do”. Workshops are a commitment to your own wellbeing. They may push you out of your comfort zone, teach you new paths to travel, create space for connections, empower you to move forward and allow you to delve a little deeper.
Try something new. It may be a new style, a new teacher, a new concept, even the idea of practicing for as long as 2 hours plus. Trying something new and unexpected can be the best way to reinvigorate your mind, body and soul. Ultimately yoga reveals how we relate to ourselves, so delving a little deeper may allow you to learn something new about yourself too.
At Kula we have a commitment to bringing you quality workshops and masterclasses to allow you to explore, connect and take your practice to the next level. We offer monthly workshops both with our much loved studio teachers and invited international guests. We encourage you to step onto your mat and join us on the journey.
If there is a particular theme or focus you would like to see included in our workshop program, please don’t hesitate to let us know ~ [email protected]
About the author: Andy Broadbear is a qualified yoga therapist & teacher, who specialises in pre + postnatal yoga. She is also co-founder of YogaMamas, a health & wellness blogger, hobby photographer and busy mama of 3!

Inspired 2018: Beyond Resolutions 

Workshops with Ashley Dunlop
Ashley Dunlop is a former Kula teacher and much loved member of our community. She is back from the USA for one weekend only to present two inspiring workshops to help you shed the year past and tune into your soul’s desire as you move into 2018.
Ashley is an inspired, compassionate and supportive yoga and meditation teacher who loves guiding students to reach the next level of their practice. Ashley is elated to share her experience and expertise with those looking to elevate their overall state of being, deepen their practice and live with a heightened state of awareness, compassion and openness.
Saturday, Jan 20 ~ “Playing With Fire” Intention setting, Pranayama & Vinyasa
Burn up waste from the year past and shed layers that are no longer serving you. Begin with a powerful intention-setting ritual to clarify your vision, then invigorate your senses with a creative, inspiring Vinyasa practice. Tune into the core of your being – figuratively and literally – to motivate, inspire and light a fire for the year ahead.
Sunday, Jan 21 ~ “Release and Restore” Intention setting Part 2, Yin & Meditation
Clear out space to bring in what you want. Begin with a heart-centred intention-setting practice to tune into your soul’s desires as we enter the new year, then move into a Yin practice designed to release deeply-held physical tension and emotional baggage, perfectly positioning you to create the year you most want to have. We’ll finish with a meditation to further raise your vibration and leave you feeling inspired, blissful and deeply in tune with yourself. Bring on 2018!
Attend both workshops for a special discounted price, only $80. Bookings online.
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