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Many people find yoga to be a fantastic workout for the whole body. Planks and Chatturangas strengthen arms, Crescent Lunges and Warrior 2 tone legs, Navasana is amazing for core muscles. Others use yoga as a tool for meditation, a way to slow down hectic lives, to re-connect to a centre and find some peace.
Yoga is unique in the way that our practice ebbs and flows and teaches us something new every time we step on the mat. Sometimes our practice can be playful, other times powerful; sometimes our practice is mellow and other times it’s deep. Whatever reason you decide to start practicing yoga, you will automatically receive benefits for your physical body and your mind state.

How is yoga good for the body and mind?

Aid weight loss

Our strong, dynamic Power classes will get your heart rate up and get the sweat flowing. As we increase Prana (our life force energy) and circulation, we also speed up the metabolism and elimination process. All of these aspects can lead to to a lighter frame.

Gain muscle strength

Have you ever tried to keep breathe calm when twisted in a new and unfamiliar shapes? When we mix up our routine, as you will be asked to do in every yoga class you attend, your body has to work harder to stabilise. In that way when we work new muscle groups, maybe muscle groups you haven’t worked in some time, you can begin to define, strengthen and tone.

Increase stamina

Our entire yoga practice is focused on matching breath to movement. When you learn how to use your inhales and exhales to both calm the nervous system and endure intensity, you’ll be able to take this stamina off the mat for other activities in your life.

Reduced stress levels

In today’s society we all have to be multi-taskers. When we spread ourselves too thin, between to-do lists, emails and social meda, it becomes more difficult to slow the mind when it’s time to wind down. Yoga teaches us to notice our own behavior on the mat when things get stressful- do we give up, or use breath to work through?

Practicing yoga regularly is great for your overall fitness level- it’s exercise with physical, mental and emotional benefits. Try one of our Hot, Power, Yin, Basics, or Pre and Postnatal classes today!

About the author: Miranda Raimon is a yoga instructor, Kula studio manager and freelance health & wellness writer from the San Francisco Bay Area.