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Are you feeling tense, nervous or stressed and need to calm yourself down? Or perhaps you’re tired, slow and sluggish and it’s time to spark up a bit?

Well I’m here today to talk to you about the beauty of forward bends and backwards bends.

Incorporating forward bends into your yoga practice, time out or stretch breaks will help to relax your body and mind.  They will help to calm your central nervous system, slow your heart rate and free the mind.  They are stabilising and balancing and help to release stress and tension.

Backbends help to unleash your energy, get your circulation pumping and release toxins. They help to give you a much needed boost by awakening the body and clearing the mind. They open the lungs, deepen the breath and lift the heart.  They are anti-depressive and elevate your mood.

Please note that deep forward or backward bends should be performed with care.  To avoid injury they should only be attempted once the body is warmed up.

Two gentle poses that are possible to perform when you have little time to warm the body are Sphinx pose – the infant of backbends, or Child’s pose – the amazing resting asana.

 CHILD’S POSE – Calming forward bend to lower stress:
–          Start by kneeling on your mat, hips to heels, knees out wide, big toes touching.
–          Sit tall, lengthen your spine then reach your hands forward along your mat
–          Reach out through your finger tips, palms of your hands flat on the mat.
–          Touch the forehead down to the mat and connect in with your breath.
–          Child’s pose is a calming, resting pose. Stay for 30 seconds to a few minutes.

SPHINX POSE– Gentle Backbend to increase energy:
–          Start by laying on your belly, feet together, arms stretched out in front
–          Reach out through your toes. Legs and buttocks are active, tail bone slightly tucked under.
–          Bend the elbows and draw them back until they are directly under the shoulders.
–          Forearms are parallel to each other, palms down, fingers spread wide.
–          Inhale and lift your head and torso up into a gentle backbend, elbows stay down for support.
–          Relax the shoulders away from the ears, and draw the shoulder blades down.
–          Stay for 5-10 breaths, exhale release the torso back down, turn the head to one side, stretch the arms either side of the body and connect with the breath. Allow the spine to neutralise.

The Kula Crew are ready to teach you and your workmates these poses and more.  If you are ready for a brighter, more productive work environment get in touch!

Stretch and smile,



We love weaving yoga props into our practice to help us progress. For backbends our favourite piece of equipment is the Yoga Wheel. Have you tried them before? They are amazing! Check them out, enjoy x


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